We Are Different

Getting Your Used Car Dealer License is a process.

Have trust in your education provider.

Some of the reasons we are different:

We are not attorneys looking to make you our clients.

We are not retired DMV inspectors who have never sold a car.

We are not shared use office providers currently under active investigation.

We are not used car dealer bond or used car dealer insurance agents.

We provide real one one one instruction, no video classes.

We are REAL car dealers in the REAL car dealer world.


TriStar Motors LLC was founded in 1998, and has been providing quality dealer education to the public ever since.

Located in Aptos, California, DMV Certification License CCC004, TriStar Motors LLC offers more dealer pre license classes and continuing education workshops than all other providers combined.

We focus on compliance and simplicity.

Many folks will offer you assistance but you should first check credentials.

Our credentials will outshine all of our competition.

Founded by 3 retired training officers of the SFPD.

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